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1、 Surface processing
Must deal with the manual according to the carbon fibre and is dealt with meticulously in the ground floor. Mix earth and stone sand of surface is it clean clean to want , exceed 0.010 crack want with paint glue fill in or other mending method punish essential.
2、 Use araldite ethoxyline fill in processing
All is it form surface is it fill in with low ring oxygen glue of viscidity to want , not merely strengthen the ground floor to glue, can also promote its remarkable performance .


3、 Fill in carbon fiber
Every is it is it can regulate with carbon fibre that epoxy resin fill in with one resin and fibre fibre saturator of rate control just to want to want.

4、 Spread evenness carbon firber
Wet carbon fibre is it is it roll with special design layers of person who shut pave to going on the surface to take pressure control to want.
5、 Saturate carbon
In order to guarantee that the carbon fibre is totally soaked into by the epoxy resin , apply paint with a brush with other essential ring oxygen glue.
6、 Dispel and remain the air
Push the carbon fibre surface, get rid of the surplus ring oxygen glue of the air that remains.
7、Maintain time
Let the carbon fibre maintain for 7 days under the normal atmospheric temperature, in order to reach high performance the most.
8、 The surface decorating
The carbon fibre can be glossed over with the coating of various kinds of color, in order to maintain the already existing style and features of building.


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